Words For Dinner

The Caviar of Podcasts

Succulent aromas. Mouth-watering flavors. Palate-tingling, tender textures. blue-fin-tunaThese are only a few of the thoroughly understated ways I could begin to describe my favorite podcast, Words for Dinner, the most delicious auditory feast I have had the fortune to experience.

Have you a craving for duck foie gras? Roe from a bluefin tuna? Fret not. Words for Dinner is more delectable than these, and cheaper. In fact, it is free of charge.

O wandering ear of digital erudition! How I honor you with this, Episode 11 of Words for Dinner – “Decadent.”

I recommend you subscribe to it forthwith, humans, and save yourself the indignity of ignorance when you next dine with a more-enlightened creature than yourself, and he asks  you, have you partaken in the sonic smorgasbord that is all the rage? Partake, you! Go forth and partake.


Podcast Alert: New Episode of ‘Words For Dinner’

wfd logoFrom time to time, I like to relax by jumping into my pod with a pair of designer earbuds and listening to an audio collage of ambient forest sounds from my ancestral home in the pacific northwest. Nothing calms the nerves like a dose of crickets, bullfrogs, and leaves rustling in the breeze. In fact, on my way to the latest literary readings, I sometimes practice my budding ventriloquy skills by attempting to mimic these sounds with my own voice. The looks of wide-eyed, slack-jawed admiration proliferate along the streets of my city like crocus flowers opening with the dew of Spring.

Other times I listen to a wonderfully entertaining podcast by the name of Words for Dinner, a program described on its Podbean page as a “podcast for the people” hosted by “mild-mannered English professors Mike and Max.” The etymology and cultural signifiers of a different word or phrase serves as the topic of each episode. The latest installment looks closely at the word ‘buffalo’ and its role in the bizarre and grammatically-correct sentence, Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo. 

Give them a listen, humans. You won’t regret it. You can also contact the hosts directly on Twitter @Words4Dinner.

My Favorite Podcast for the People


I am giddy with excitement this morning, humans, for a golden opportunity has fallen into my freakish lap. What sort of opportunity, you ask? The best kind. The most “awesome” kind, in fact.

I speak of the latest installment of my favorite podcast, Words For Dinner, a wonderful program about literature and language that has my intellectual sensors a-buzzing. Listen to their latest episode, which looks into the etymology and contemporary usage of the word “awesome,” on Podbean ,or download it right here.