Chet the Sasquatch moved to New York City in the spring of 2014 from the temperate rain forests of the pacific northwest. He arrived at Penn Station with nothing but a loincloth and his as-yet unpublished memoir, Beautiful on the Outside. He shares his urban exploits with the literati, gliterati, twitterati, hipsterati, and any other -ati’s that come mind. He usually posts on Mondays and Thursdays. Follow him on Twitter: @City_Sasquatch

Max Gray is Chet’s ghostwriter. He was the only one to respond to the 4,795-word Craigslist posting titled “Human NY’ers ONLY!!!” Chet needs him because sasquatch fingers are way too big for the keyboard. Max has been told he will be paid soon.

By Max Gray:







  1. Hi Chet

    I saw your project and I wanted to tell you about Bigfoot Patrol Membership Kits and our story. Writing you from Mill Valley CA, just a few minutes from the old-growth forest of Muir Woods.

    First, we are paranormal enthusiasts and we saw a large gap in the market. Huge Bigfoot fan base, yet a lack of a national park service-esche patch anywhere. We jumped on the case. We wanted to give it a fun twist, so we created a membership kit and styled it in a 1960’s decoder ring-eshe fashion. The response we got was fantastic. We were fairly certain from that point on, that we needed to somehow create the larger series of historic Bigfoot relatives from around the world… Yeti, Sasquatch, Yeren, Yowie, Maricoxi, etc…

    We have long term goals of expanding to help educate kids on the importance of protecting our environment, particularly virgin and old-growth forests in a fun and captivating way. Right now we’re going one step at a time.

    We ran our first campaign with big visions. We were trying to get enough to cover startup costs to create our 3 core membership kits and badges (BF, Yeti, and Sasquatch) estimated around $4800. We received only $1900 from 55 backers and failed to get funded.

    However, we decided to scrape some money together ourselves to make the first patch in the series anyway, AND we still shipped patches and kits to everyone who attempted to back us for free. We wanted to say thank you to those brave cadets. As we grow and expand the Patrol, they will not be forgotten! (Stay tuned…).

    We ran our second campaign for Yeti Squad, and asked for just enough to make the next patch only, estimated around $900. We were successfully funded with just over $2000 from 90 backers, most of them NOT the same people from the first campaign (surprisingly). That was an encouraging sign.

    We are currently just HALF WAY through our third campaign for our third patch. We needed $950 for this phase and we hit our goal in 24 hours. We were named a Kickstarter “Staff Pick” and we were 200% funded in 3 days. We were at $650 before the half-way mark. Stats show that the “Staff Pick” status directly accounted for less than $1600 of that total. We’re not sure if it was the initial momentum that sparked others to get on board, or the fact that all new $20+ backers would get the benefits of ALL the already-met stretch goals, or just coincidence. In any case, we are just past the half way mark now and over 700% funded. We’re putting just as much effort in now as we were before because we know the power of momentum and crowds. Our efforts are likely currently magnified currently so we are still pushing full steam.

    Looking back, we now know that failing at our first attempt taught us a few things and ultimately created a situation where we could fund each segment of the project in a more incremental and efficient way. We’re excited to see where this thing goes because the attention and accolades we are receiving are pretty astounding.

    The current Kickstarter link is here…. please share!

    The initial Bigfoot Patrol Membership Kit

    The second Yeti Squad Membership kit.

    Facebook… See footage of our expeditions, most recently, East Village NYC, where bigfoot encounters some strange humanoids from another planet. And Bigfoot orders a classic budger with no onions.

    What’s next? We know that the lonely Yeren or Maricoxi may not have as many friends as Sasquatch and Yeti, so decided to create a limited edition series and providing an opportunity for our previous backers to get these ahead of everyone else, or at least a heads up on the launch date so they can sign up first at a lower contribution level and for special bonus perks. The herd that follows these brave cadets will fund their special bonus perks to reward their dedication. They will also achieve a higher ranking status within the Bigfoot Patrol organization.

    We also just started a new program, stemming from help from our Commander Spyro in NYC, where we recruit cadets for special missions. For our first assignments, when cadets create 2 short videos or vines showing sympathy for Bigfoot and post them to Facebook, they rank up in the organization. If they recruit another person to do the same, both cadets rank up one notch, without a cap on the string. So first adopters are rewarded over and over for being a first-responder. Pete in NYC, Dave in Philly, and Bill in Asheville North Carolina have the honor of being our very first cadets. Hats off to you all. We’re excited to see your progress.

    Hoping you will help us and enlist in the Bigfoot Patrol! Please spread the word!

    See you on the trails.


    Greg Coghill
    Coghill Cartooning

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