The Caviar of Podcasts

Succulent aromas. Mouth-watering flavors. Palate-tingling, tender textures. blue-fin-tunaThese are only a few of the thoroughly understated ways I could begin to describe my favorite podcast, Words for Dinner, the most delicious auditory feast I have had the fortune to experience.

Have you a craving for duck foie gras? Roe from a bluefin tuna? Fret not. Words for Dinner is more delectable than these, and cheaper. In fact, it is free of charge.

O wandering ear of digital erudition! How I honor you with this, Episode 11 of Words for Dinner – “Decadent.”

I recommend you subscribe to it forthwith, humans, and save yourself the indignity of ignorance when you next dine with a more-enlightened creature than yourself, and he asks  you, have you partaken in the sonic smorgasbord that is all the rage? Partake, you! Go forth and partake.


Podcast Alert: New Episode of ‘Words For Dinner’

wfd logoFrom time to time, I like to relax by jumping into my pod with a pair of designer earbuds and listening to an audio collage of ambient forest sounds from my ancestral home in the pacific northwest. Nothing calms the nerves like a dose of crickets, bullfrogs, and leaves rustling in the breeze. In fact, on my way to the latest literary readings, I sometimes practice my budding ventriloquy skills by attempting to mimic these sounds with my own voice. The looks of wide-eyed, slack-jawed admiration proliferate along the streets of my city like crocus flowers opening with the dew of Spring.

Other times I listen to a wonderfully entertaining podcast by the name of Words for Dinner, a program described on its Podbean page as a “podcast for the people” hosted by “mild-mannered English professors Mike and Max.” The etymology and cultural signifiers of a different word or phrase serves as the topic of each episode. The latest installment looks closely at the word ‘buffalo’ and its role in the bizarre and grammatically-correct sentence, Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo. 

Give them a listen, humans. You won’t regret it. You can also contact the hosts directly on Twitter @Words4Dinner.

Burned! The Toast Is Closing!


Alas, another reputable journal stops its presses. This time it’s the thoughtful online zine, The Toast, founded by Nicole Cliffe and “Dear Prudence” columnist Mallory Ortberg.

Slate magazine offers a wonderful list of ‘best ofs’ from the archives of The Toast. How did I miss “Let’s Make Meat Loaf A Lesbian Icon“?

Thanks to the untiring folks at The Review Review for tipping me off to this sad bit of news. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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