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Plimpton. George Plimpton.


As alluded to earlier this week, I’d like to share with you a particularly glittery list from the unmined ore deposit of the literate webternets.

Over at The Awl, Patrick Iber shares a list of the best “Literary Magazines for Socialists Funded by the CIA.” Yes, the best. I know you’ve been waiting for this, just as I have. In fact, this explains Bernie Sanders’ anxiety during public speaking engagements. Anticipation frays the nerves like nothing else.

The Paris Review’s appearance on this list was no surprise. It’s funding by the CIA was no secret. But I’d never heard of the Mundo Nuevo. Have you?

Read it over and let me know if you think the list is accurate. Thanks to The Review Review for sharing this wonderful article.

1) Lists 2) Are 3) Delightful

Oh, how I adore a good list. It’s why I insist on papering my ghostwriter’s walls – where I currently reside on a temporary permanent basis on his futon – with index cards consisting of my favorite lists. For example, a highlight from a to-do list: 1) Groom self. 2) Parade self about. 3) Repeat.

Stay tuned this week for a link to my current favorite list from The Awl. Hint – it’s about literary journals and espionage. <giddy squeal>


KGB Bar – 85 E. 4th St.

At the inaugural installation of FREE WATER at KGB Bar, stumbled upon a cavalcade of thrilling artistes. Human-about-town Britt Melewski hosted a series of poets who reached out with their words and touched everyone in the audience, yours truly most of all. Is this what it feels like to be DAZZLED?IMG_0317

A possessor of awards, Marni Ludwig, read first, followed by a delightful call-and-response performance by poetic moonchild Dana Jaye Cadman of Selfies In Ink, otherwise known as @danajaye. Meteors fell from the sky! Brava!

Wry fellow and Awl editor Mark Bibbins asked questions which I am left pondering still. As a capstone, luminescent literary muse Brenda Shaughnessy offered a stellar assortment of poems that made my fur stand on end. Egads. Perhaps no one noticed.

The barkeep became a mite peevish with me when I drank all the water in his soda gun. Yet another faux pas. But the event is called FREE WATER, is it not? This did confuse me, I must admit. Where I come from, one may lap IMG_0318from the rivers and streams at one’s leisure. From time to time I have been known to take a draught of sea water to fortify myself. To wit:


Chet’s  Constitutional Elixir (To Be Imbibed When Struck Low By Dysentery):

2.4 gal cold sea water