Precursor to a Voyage

In anticipation of my impending trip to the mist-shrouded island nation of Japan (as you know, mist-penguin_01shrouded locales are my preference), I was engaging in some routine research on the interweb site net when I came across a truly peculiar thing – a bar/restaurant stocked to the gills with live penguins. And no, the establishment is not occupying the frosty summit of Mount Fuji, nor is it a new fusion venture conceived of by Iron Chef Morimoto. Far from it. In fact, I’m not sure who runs the place. All I can tell at the moment is that the temperature inside the restaurant hovers at room temperature (!). How uncomfortable for our flightless friends. In solidarity, I’ve written a paean to the penguin:

My favorite beast

Besides myself, is surely

my friend the penguin.

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