Book Recommendation of the Month: Wasp Queen

Wasp-Queen-COVERAh, a cheery morning to you, my bipedal comrades! It is especially cheery because I have a book recommendation for you.

And so, I give unto you the thrilling poet Claudia Cortese’s poetry collection, Wasp Queen, forthcoming in December from Black Lawrence Press. Cortese’s brave and unblinking work appears in such publications as Blackbird, Crazyhorse, and The Offing. An excerpt from Wasp Queen can be found on the latter journal’s site. Read more about her on her author page at Her writing does not shrink from the hard truths of modern life.

Go forth, humanoids, and read! If you have a suggestion for my next Book Recommendation of the Month, email me at or tweet me @City_Sasquatch.


Get Buzzed On Religious Iconography


At Empire Coffee and Tea in Hoboken I stumbled upon this striking piece of modernist religious art. Behold outstretched arms – positively doll-like! – and the look of spiritual rapture upon this tiny woman’s face. It is a crucifixion allusion, no? Hence the angelic pair of gossamer wings? What a stirring expression of religious faith.

…Unless you find that offensive? In which case, shame on you, foul heretic, for your false idol!