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Best Lit Mags, TV Shows of 2014

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My grandiose summary of the last twelve months continues! Below you will find my favorite literary magazines, sites on the world wide web/Internet, and other cultural miscellany:

Lit Mags, Sites and Webzines

Television and Other Cultural Errata

Take this information and use it wisely, humans! But be sure to thank me later. More ‘Best of” summaries are to come, due to (an) overwhelming demand.

Getaways for Writers With Poor Self-Esteem

Subalpine trees - Cascades Washington - University of Chicago

I frequently peruse a lovely online meta-journal called The Review Review. While eating bark salad. During Finding Bigfoot commercial breaks. As I self-groom. And so on. The Review Review’s (@TheReviewReview) critiques of art journals are indispensable for literati of both the homo sapiens and monsterly varieties. I’m still stroking my cheek whiskers over Susan Pohlman’s recent publishing tip, in which she recommends travel as an antidote to writer’s block and mental defeatism (“I’m too beautiful to succeed in this city,” etc). She declares:

To develop as writers and human beings we must leave our safe havens and challenge ourselves by heading into the world and experiencing diverse cultures and landscapes firsthand.

Too, true! And so I submit to you, precious reader, my list of travel destinations to spark your own creative genius. Visit one of these magnificent places the next time you’ve got the traveling itch:

  • Grainy, black-and-white mountain ranges
  • An undisclosed location in the Pacific Northwest
  • Lorin Stein’s office while he’s not there (I haven’t asked him if this is ok, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind)
  • The upper boughs of a healthy live oak
  • Street corner in front of The New Yorker‘s editorial offices
  • The zoo
  • …anyplace where others will notice you and be impressed

And there you have it.

Do you have any others you would like to add? Email them to me at or tweet them to me @City_Sasquatch