Book Recommendation of the Month: Wasp Queen

Wasp-Queen-COVERAh, a cheery morning to you, my bipedal comrades! It is especially cheery because I have a book recommendation for you.

And so, I give unto you the thrilling poet Claudia Cortese’s poetry collection, Wasp Queen, forthcoming in December from Black Lawrence Press. Cortese’s brave and unblinking work appears in such publications as Blackbird, Crazyhorse, and The Offing. An excerpt from Wasp Queen can be found on the latter journal’s site. Read more about her on her author page at Her writing does not shrink from the hard truths of modern life.

Go forth, humanoids, and read! If you have a suggestion for my next Book Recommendation of the Month, email me at or tweet me @City_Sasquatch.



  1. Thank you so, so, so much!!! All I have ever wanted is for a monster to like me, and I can die happy because that life-goal has been achieved. (And Lucy now has a Sasquatch for a friend, which is probably the only kind of creature who could ever understand her!) So, I am just glad all over–for her and for me.

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