Poetry and Pine Reading at CounterEvolution

It’s no secret that pine wood is one of my favorite woods. It smells nice, it looks nice, and, dare I say, it tastes passable. I am thoroughly pine-biased, I admit. Luckily for me, this smoothly sanded wood seemed to be the at the center of the aesthetic at Flatiron performance space CounterEvolution on the night of a recent fiction and poetry reading.

It was an aromatic summer night when writer Andree Green, singer/songwriter Phoebe Lichty, and the wonderfully-talented novelist Renee Watson took charge of the microphone at CounterEvolution. Once the evening was over, only a truly wooden listener could remain unmoved by the pathos and power of these charming and accomplished artists. A spirited open mic session rounded out the lineup and allowed for a brief reading from poetess-about-town Grisel Yolanda Acosta, who some will remember from other readings of note at Newark’s Brick City Speaks series.

Poetry and Pine, you’ve won my heart. And you’re BYOB, to boot! Visit the reading’s Facebook page to learn more about the artists who graced its stage in July.



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