Today at Lithub

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Excellent reading can be found, as usual, over at Lithub, your friendly neighborhood webnet site. Today I came across a few tidbits of particular interest.

  • Here you’ll find Lithub’s link to a wonderful Esquire essay by none-other-than the incredible Norman MacLean, author of A River Runs Through It. MacLean speaks persuasively on the merits of rhythm in prose.
  • A comprehensive run-down of essential literature about the sport and the culture of surfing. My nod to the summer season. Here I go – nod. Nod. Nod again.
  • Finally, the book review aggregator we have all been waiting for! Yahoo circa 1998, eat your heart out. Lithub should make a splash with this elegant, easy-to-use portal into the world of book reviews. Not sure what to think of a new title? Find it on Book Marks, the “rotten tomatoes for books,” complete with a handy letter grade, averaged from its available reviews.

Thanks to The Review Review, as always, for the helpful tips.


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