Pitchfork Review – Issue 8 Release at WORD


Earlier this month, I was privileged to attend a presentation and Q&A (Query an Artist) at WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn marking the release of The Pitchfork Review‘s eighth issue. Many of you may be familiar with Pitchfork from their world wide net site blog, known, aptly enough, as Pitchfork. To be sure, their music reviews, news, and other content are quite enthralling. You might say that their articles are worth making hay about. Ahem.

To express that sentiment, I made my way to WORD Bookstore that evening and joined a swelling throng of music lovers, lit lovers, and other miscellaneous torch-bearers. Upon our arrival we were treated to discussion between Haley Mlotek, online editress of The Hairpin and author of the feature article “Beginning To See The Light”, Timothy Anne Burnside of The Smithsonian, and Nona Hendryx, of the musical group Labelle. The charming Mlle. Burnside left no metaphorical stone un-turned in her confessional about the daily life of a 21st-century culture curator, while the mystical and wise Mlle. Hendryx contributed her own impressions from the point of view of an artist who has decided to donate personal belongings to the welcoming bosom of posterity, vis a vis The Smithsonian’s Washington, D.C. collection of items.

Overall, the talk was as educational as it was entertaining. I look forward to the next issue of The Pitchfork Review, and, of course, the next event hosted by the important folks at WORD Bookstore. Look for me then. I will be the 7 foot 9-inch monster with the straw hat, starched collar, and three-pronged farm implement.


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