Holidays Over? Buy A Writer Something Nice

Now that those irascible holidays are over (most of them), it’s time to take advantage of steep discounts, humans!

The Review Review has a wonderful article chock full of gift ideas for writers. Think of the writer who is dearest to your heart and peruse this list with them in mind. I can guarantee that the presents they received this year seemed to create in them an external glow, but on the inside, the charred edges of their souls were only curling and smoking like so many incinerated drafts of Vladimir Nabokov’s lost manuscripts. Life is so hard for the unfamous. Assuage their pain, won’t you? You can do your part today to indulge the fragile and tremulous ego of your friendly neighborhood scribbler.

You can forward my gifts directly to my P.O. Box in New York. Tweet me at @City_Sasquatch for contact information.


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