…Lest Ye Be Stereotyped

Humans have a thing called a “stereotype” that has appeared time and time again in the news as of late. From what I understand, a “stereotype” is either a music box with an alphanumeric keyboard, or an overly-simplistic generalization about a group or category of people. Since I have yet to discover one of the former variety, I’ll stick to the latter.

Apparently it’s easier to make unfounded judgments and leap to conclusions about other people than it is to get to know them. This makes perfect sense, when you think about it. Why have a conversation with a stranger when you can just eye them suspiciously from a safe distance? On the one hand, a brisk bit of stereotyping does burn calories. Then again, one can always visit a local athletic club, if one is motivated to do so. Personally, I enjoy doing my elocution exercises at the gym near my ghostwriter’s apartment – at the Gotham 1 Percenters’ Outrageously Expensive Dressage & Powerwalking Club. The last time I was there, I unfairly judged at least 3 people, one of whom, to my chagrin, wore yellow leggings while jogging on a treadmill. Perhaps that was harsh of me. Do all bankers own exercise clothing the color of stale urine? I wondered. A sturdy pair of woolen trousers would surely blend more tastefully with the surroundings. So you see, even I, your trusted confidant, engage in a fair amount of stereotyping.

Could it be that this type of behavior derives from a toxic mindset characterized by fear and cowardliness? That it reeks of the ignorant and the lazy and the self-satisfied?

Eh. Perhaps not. It could be that I judged the stereotype too harshly.

So go right ahead. Stereotype away, my dear readers. Speaking as the sole member of my own species – bigfooticus sasquatchipedius – I don’t have to worry about the trauma, the injustice, the pain, or the sheer immorality of this practice. Everywhere I go in this wide world, whether it is the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest, or a cosmopolitan urban destination like, let’s say, Paris, I am recognized for exactly what I am: a giant, leering monster, with no sense of human decency or goodness.

Thank heaven the rest of you are not like me.



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