Jellyfish Poetry Gels; More Submitting Tips

reading in chair

Yes, tips. I know you, my effervescent and erudite readers, are never too proud to listen to a good tip (especially if you are feeling tipsy… though, from what I gather, there is no etymological affinity between these terms).

I recommend reading closely Pushcart Nominee and Brooklyn MFA’er Lindsay Merbaum’s post on the news portal, Tremr, titled “Submission For Beginners: The Reality of Lit Mag Publishing.” While I don’t generally prefer reality checks, since many so-called ‘Bigfoot Experts’ allege that I don’t exist, there is no denying the value of Mlle. Merbaum’s pragmatism. She laments:

A former reader for the top-tier literary magazine Tin House reported that the publications’s monthly “slush pile,” the term for a pool of unsolicited submissions, is about one thousand strong. The number of stories that get accepted? One or two every three years.

This is sobering news, to be sure. However, it is not cause for despair. “Take heart,” Merbaum exhorts. “You can and will be published.”

And I couldn’t help but reward you, my luscious logophiles, with one more nutritious article for your eager eyes. If you’ve heard rumblings among your literary peers about the online poetry magazine, Jellyfish, it isn’t for naught. This publication deserves our attention. Take heed, and read more about it in Nathaniel Tagg’s wonderfully incisive survey of the journal on The Review Review.


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