Pank You Very Much

The editor, publisher, and writer of this humble internet scroll (that’s moi) is deeply saddened to see the impending closure of one of the more refreshing journals we have: Pank magazine, edited by M. Bartley Siegel, Roxane Gay (@rgay), and others. Pank had a respectable tenure since it was founded in 2006. We shall miss it dearly.

I will now pour out my handy leaf skin of spring water, in memoriam.

Here are a few links of note for you, my precious reader:

  • Mlle. Katherine Mayfield of the Maine Review offers her advice for writers, via The Review Review. Helpful tidbits, this. For example, if you write horror, and a journal does not publish horror, don’t submit there. How pragmatic.
  • And for the erudite New Yorker’s social calendar, a dramatic reading of James Baldwin, Charles Bukowski, and others will take place at South Hollis, NY, on the 27th of this month. Featuring poet Bob McNeil and company. See more details here.

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