Sarah Charlesworth, et al, at The New Museum

Old museums are so passe, don’t you think? I agree. That is why I recently took it upon myself to visit The New Museum on Manahatta’s Lower East Side to peruse the cornucopia of art objects, objectifications, and objections to “old art.” Whatever that is.

My wandering eye lead me to a primary exhibit there, consisting of works by photographer Sarah Charlesworth, who came to prominence in New York in the 1980’s (see? new art). The artist’s somewhat puzzling creations range from blown-up photos of people falling – jumping, really – from tall buildings to Buddhas and bulls floating amidst vibrant fields of solid color.

So this is what it means to “deconstruct the conventions of photography” and to connect “the incisiveness of 1970s Conceptual art and the illuminating image-play of the later-identified “Pictures Generation.” I had wondered.

Brava to Mlle. Charlesworth for deconstructing… whatever needed deconstructing. I feel deconstructed myself. And isn’t that the real goal of l’arte? Of course it is.


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