Free Water #7 – That’s The Stuff

Is it proper etiquette among homo sapiens to admit to “gushing?” Well, proper or no, I am admitting it now. One of my favorite regular poetry readings this month had me gushing with adulation and awe at the obvious erudition in attendance at KGB Bar on East 4th Street.

The sardonic sorceress of poetic mysticism and founding editor of The Atlas Review, kgb1Natalie Eilbert, shared works of cutting insight. Roger Sedarat delivered a rapturous rendition of ghazals, originally written by the 14th century Sufi poet Hafez, which Sedarat translated for an upcoming book. Very helpful prologues and apercus were offered by the given, which helped me to fully appreciate the history and nuances of this overlooked literary form. The delightfully funny and irreverent Cathy Linh Che read poems of honesty and wit, all the while maintaining an unerring sense of personal style. And last but certainly not least, a visiting angel and Lambda Literary Scholar from the distant land of Oakland, California, Roberto Santiago, allowed us into his world by sharing works from his soon-to-be-released collection, titled Angel Park. Go now – as in, immediately – and purchase this powerful book online from Lethe Press.

As always, I could not recommend more highly that you, dear reader, allow yourself the pleasure of witnessing the next iteration of Free Water. See host Msr. Britt Melewski’s schedule on its Book of Faces page.


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