Rejection or Acceptance – Which Is Better?

old white men 1915

From around the global mesh blanket, er rather, the world wide interweb, a couple of notable items:

First, via the tactful and pragmatic editors at The Review Review, an ode to rejection from blogger Nathaniel Tower. Not only is rejection necessary, Tower writes, but it can be – egads! – helpful. He continues: “If the story I’m submitting is terrible, I want the editors to tell me.” Tower offers a helpful translation of some common rejections from literary journals around the country. Apparently, though the wording differs, the meaning of rejections is somewhat singular. A rejection letter means, of all things, the editors don’t like your work. Who would have guessed?

Then, via the handful of insightful editors at The Millions, a small homage to the late great author James Salter, who passed away this week. The 90-year-old writer received The Paris Review‘s Hadada Prize in 2011. The Review’s blog provides a transcript of his acceptance speech that demonstrates Salter’s graciousness and humility.

So, like the right dash of spices in a bubbling pot of jambalaya, a bit of rejection and a sprinkling of acceptance. Which is better? I am partial to both. Email me your choice, dear reader, and I will surely accept your opinion, or reject it, depending on how I feel at the time –

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