Bookstores OK; Humans Still Panic


“People are still buying books.”

“A recent study showed that current college students (we’re talking literal millennials here) actually prefer reading print books over eBooks…”

“Bookstores aren’t going anywhere.”

So proclaims self-described bookseller and former video store clerk, Jeremy Hawkins, in a soothing pontification for Electric Literature today. In sum, Hawkins is irked by his customers’ constant comparisons of bookstores to late-lamented “video stores” like Blockbuster. Forgive me, precious reader, but I had to Google the latter for more information because I was at a loss. Apparently a “video store” was a place where you humans would actually travel – using your feet – solely for the purpose of leasing the rights to “digital video discs,” thereafter returning the discs to their place of origin!

Do not misunderstand me. Far be it for a humble sasquatch such as myself to judge others for putting in such a great deal of physical effort in order to justify another two hours or more of sedentary, slack-jawed gazing at a flickering screen.

In the end, Hawkins forgives us for fearing the death of the book hawkers. His kind and their employers are, he claims, thriving, as he points out the fact of increasing membership in the American Booksellers Association.

Huzzah! Today I celebrate by visiting independent bookstores and attempting to plant copies of my manuscript, Beautiful On The Outside, surreptitiously among the shelves. Wish me luck.

One comment

  1. The minute bookstores are closed in favor of online book purchasing, I will consider the world to be over.
    And even though majority of millennials do prefer bookstores, we have to unfortunately remember that there isn’t as many readers as we like to imagine.

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