“Thanatos IV,” A Sci-Fi Tale

Encounters 14 Cover FB

Some news – it seems my ghostwriter had a story published this week in Encounters. The tale, titled “Thanatos IV,” is apparently his first science fiction publication. I offered him my congratulations, of course, between bites of a pastrami, bologna, salami, pepperoni, and meat loaf sandwich.

If you, precious reader, are experiencing a palpable sense of deju vu, I don’t blame you. It was just a few days ago that Mount Hope published an essay by my ghostwriter. And now here’s another one. Ahem. How wonderful.

Perhaps I could send a surreptitious email to the editors of Encounters and inform them that there was a curious mistake in the latest issue, that somehow my ghostwriter appended his name to the piece instead of the true author’s – my own. An embarrassing error, to be sure, but nothing that can’t be fixed by a simple correction. That would be an entertaining prank! Now wouldn’t it?

Download a free copy of Encounters, Issue 14, here. See “Thanatos IV” on page 24. If you want. Either way is fine.



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