Brick City Speaks – April

IMG_1309Hell’s Kitchen Lounge, 150 Lafayette St, Newark, NJ 07105

Another mesmerizing marquee of artistes graced the stage on Monday at this month’s Brick City Speaks reading in Newark. “After the Carnations: Writing the Luso-American Experience in Newark” was a thoroughly rewarding event.

The eloquent Hugo Dos Santos – who is reportedly at work on a novel titled Brick City – began the night, followed up by the “American-natured, Portuguese-nurtured” Cindy Goncalves, who challenged one audience member (@danajaye) to solve the riddle of a cultural object that yours truly could only describe as an ornate drinking carafe. How to drink from it, was the question. Mlle. Goncalves is actually a font of knowledge, you might say!

Carlos J. Queiros read excerpts of a wonderfully playful narrative set in the bustling Ironbound district of Newark. The cleanup batter of the night, as it were, was the inimitable and wry poetess, Paula Neves, who had the audience in stitches and in rapt attention, alternately.

A top notch night, humans. Be sure to check the Brick City Speaks social media feed to confirm next month’s reading. Twit me if you’d like to meet me there. I shall be the the 7 foot tall one in the back with the unlit artisanal tobacco pipe in hand.


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