JC Independent Publishes “Love Poem #2”

Well. I’m so happy to report – giddy, really – that my ghostwriter’s poem, “Love Poem #2,” has been selected by the Jersey City Independent (@JCIndependent) as one of three winning pieces commemorating National Poetry Month. The contest was sponsored by the Jersey City Writers (@JCWriters) group.

I am brimming with fraternal glee. Such impossible, confounding glee, in fact, that my head practically spins with vicarious happiness. My own manuscript still has not seen the light of day (even though I paid an additional $79.99 at Kinko’s to ensure that it would be printed on neon reflective 20-pound paper stock), but not matter! Let us not distract ourselves from the joyous news. How… head-splittingly tremendous it is. So much so that I must, I’m afraid, retire for an early morning nap.

Now if only I could banish the little fluttering canaries with my ghostwriter’s face on them from the darkness of my mind’s eye… Oh joy, how you set my pulse racing.


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