John Berryman And My New Typewriter


Oh, the beauty, the elegance of a good typewriter! Upon acquiring this lovely machine by the artisans at Royal, I thought to myself, what other literary idols of mine have clattered and clacked away on their own little projects?

john berryman cuffsChristopher Benfey has a riveting review of the centennial reissue of irascible poet John Berryman up at the Atlantic. While I failed to unearth any details about the model of Berryman’s typewriter, I did learn plenty about his evolution as a writer and his famous temperament. I recommend the review highly.

In the same vein, a doff of the cap goes to The Guardian and their piece from last November, “Typewriters and their owners – famous authors at work.” Peruse the images. You won’t be disappointed.

Based on photographic evidence, I may confidently proclaim that Ray Bradbury used a Royal typewriter very much like mine, although his was a sleek black number from 1947. Great minds!


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