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obama books

Electric Literature reports that one of the most-ignored human celebrities, Barack Obama, recently visited a local bookstore and indulged in a bit of a holiday shopping spree. Among the tomes he purchased is a trio of books by the prescient, surprisingly-Irish writer, Brian Jacques, whose Redwall series of animal fantasy books made a large impact on the young adult genre in the early 90’s and thereafter. Obama apparently chose Redwall, Mossflower, and Mattimeo. Excellent choices, in my humble opinion.

Way to set an example for younger readers, Mr. Precedent!

Haha! Hm…


Some other titles the Obamas (may or may not have) acquired on their trip include:

  • Farsi For Dummies
  • All Tied Up: An Illustrated Compendium of Ties That Go With Anything
  • “OHM” My God – Zen Buddhist Strategies For Dealing With Idiots
  • Everything by Tom Clancy
  • Reaching Across the Aisle: My Three Marriages, by Rush Limbaugh

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