My Ear To The Ground, As Usual


In these pages I’ve recently wondered about human “laws” and the logic (ahem) behind them. While the answers to my questions – both the moral, immoral, and muskrat-related – remain elusive, our friends at The Rumpus are always willing to provide some much-needed context for recent events and the subsequent protests around the country.

Personally, I don’t understand you homo sapiens one iota. My cousin Earl has a salt-and-pepper hide with a dull finish, while mine is chestnut brown (some admirers have likened it to burnt sienna) with a more lustrous sheen. But the quality of our pelts does not in the least reflect upon the quality of our character. Earl and I agree quite readily on this point. Even if our taste in practical jokes tends to differ (my rear is still smarting from that flare you set off under my favorite log, Earl, you scoundrel), we are still family. Strangely enough, you human beings, too, all belong to the same tribe. The similarities among you far overshadow the differences. Honestly, you all look the same to me. I recommend you put aside your petty jealousies and treat every pelt fairly, as it were.

There, now that little disagreement is all settled. No, do not thank me. I am but a simple forest-dwelling biped, here to offer a dewdrop of wisdom from time to time.

On the topic of helpful resources, I vehemently and vociferously encourage you to read The Review Review if you find yourself in the vicinity of an internet-enabled machine. I like to learn new things there. For one, author Chris Riddell says “To Hell With Literary Journals!” Meanwhile, Flavorwire offers a fresh list of “10 Online Lit Mags You Should Be Reading,” including some venerable names and some more intriguing.





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