Brick City Speaks – November

Hell’s Kitchen Lounge, Newark, NJ

I must say, this month’s iteration of the opulently irreverent reading series, Brick City Speaks, thrilled me to the core of my freakishly over-sized bones. Three poets and a fiction writer graced the podium, braving an uncooperative microphone and the glare of the audience’s adulation. It is only fair to admit that the feedback was probably my doing. Though I am certainly no sound engineer, the empirical evidence is somewhat damning, I’m afraid. Only this morning, as I walked down 1st Avenue, an old woman screamed and ran, and two pigeons, in an unfortunate display of aviary confusion, changed course and flew directly into the freshly-wiped store window of a bourgeois cafe. I can only assume I have the same effect upon the soulless microphone of the stage. It is my cross to bear, precious reader. Do not fret on my behalf.

The refreshing forIMG_0958thrightness of poet-about-town Britt Melewski was followed promptly by a rich colloquial tale by Kanika Punwani featuring the life of a busy house and its iconoclastic residents. The erudite and fair Laura Villareal’s poems preceded the final reader of the night, the refreshing lyricist Andrés Cerpa.

Msr. Melewski hosted an excellent regular poetry reading at KGB Bar called Free Water. The Brick City Speaks reading series occurs on the second Monday of the month at Hell’s Kitchen Lounge in Newark, NJ.


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