Lit Mag Editors Offer Advice, Qualms

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Excerpts from The Review Review‘s recent round table discussion with the editors of Thrice Fiction, Carve, and Pure Slush (attributions have been omitted to protect the innocent):

“I still wonder what it takes to get people to read the submission guidelines.”

“…lit mags can kind of create a feedback loop where they publish a certain style or tone and that encourages readers and submitters to submit similar works, which results in more works like that being published, and so on.”

“Don’t write about what you have no idea about.”

“I’d say the biggest mistake a writer can make is not having enough patience.”

“I’m thinking the quick hit novella form might be where it’s at.”

These comments alternately raised my hackles and tickled my funny bone. I couldn’t agree more with one editor’s comments regarding the “feedback loop” that develops from attentive writers submitting their work after reading the submission guidelines. I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t agree more… Oh, sorry. It’s the feedback loop I was talking about.bigfoot rules keychain

Although I must disagree on the matter of patience. You’ll note, dear reader, that I possess many virtues – including striking good looks, a lustrous chestnut pelt, and excellent taste in footwear – however, patience is not among them. What good is patience, anyway? If I could afford a luxury like patience, I would have thought better of my decision before purchasing this I Heart Sasquatch keychain off Ebay for $85.




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