Approved Bigfoot Movies

A doff of the cap to Esquire for their timely Halloween blog post, “The 10 Most Entertaining Films About Bigfoot.” The very interesting travel/food/screen writer and cat appreciator Garin celebs_with_silly_faces_14Pirnia (@gpirnia) gives us a list of titles ranging from horror to comedy to dram-edy.

I know you’re wondering – did I get a handsome paycheck for my roles in any of these films? Well, I would not want to disappoint you, but I’m afraid my visage has not graced the screen as of yet. Still my acting talents remain un-mined, like a salami sandwich buried under 3 feet of dirt. Or Bob Sagat. However,I did audition for a role as an extra in the movie, Legally Blonde… I wanted to be juror #4, but alas, it was not to be. I suspect the director did not want his starlet, Mlle. Witherspoon, shown up by the likes of this handsome devil.

Dear reader, I have a challenge for you. Email ( or twit (@City_Sasquatch) me your suggestions for movies that would have been better if I had played a lead role.


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