McSweeney’s Aspires To Droid Status

droids by Gordon Tarpley

Quasi-online news portal SFGate reports today that the publishing matrix known as McSweeney’s is slated to become a non-profit organization this year, or what the most boring humans refer to as a 501(c)3. Gadzooks, when I poked my head into the Alexandrian library in ancient Egypt more than 1,900 years ago the heiroglyphics there were less difficult to decipher! 501(c)3 sounds like a character from one of George Lucas‘s lesser known screenplays (are you impressed at my cultural cachet, dear reader? I know I am). The throbbing brain of acclaimed author Dave Eggers is, no doubt, behind this latest foray into obscure numerology, according to SFGate:

“We’ve always been a hand-to-mouth operation, and every year it gets just a little harder to be an independent publisher,” Eggers said in a telephone interview. “An independent literary title that might have sold 10,000 copies 10 years ago might sell 6,000 now, for example.”

Apparently one of McSweeney’s most recent ventures is called “How Music Works” and it is curated by the one and only David Byrne, formerly of the Talking Heads (yet more pop culture signifiers! I sparkle with wit and aplomb!). I’ve long wondered the  very same question. How, indeed, does it work? Human music has always sounded, to me, like a conglomeration of tweets and whistles, aside from Bach. Charles Bukowski used to imbibe various ales and lagers to the soothing symphonies of that pasty-faced genius. Bach is fine by me, but the rest, well… If you are David Byrne, please be so kind as to twit some of your refined knowledge to me @City_Sasquatch

And a personal appeal to Msr. Eggers: No one is better at not making money than I, sir. If you ever desire a business luncheon, do get in touch.




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