Butter That Toast On Three Sides


Some literary news for you humans and humanoids out there: the buzz-worthy writer and former editor at The Rumpus, Roxanne Gay, has been announced as the editorial captain-ess of feminist webzine The Toast‘s new spinoff, aptly-titled The Butter. My friends and fellows out there in the interwebs will recognize Gay as the author of a noteworthy essay collection called Bad Feminist. They might also remember The Toast for such gems as “Women Wearing Spectacular Hats in Art History,” “All the Comments on Every Recipe Blog” (“Due to dietary restrictions, I am only able to eat Yatzhee dice. I made the necessary substitutions, and it turned out great”), and “Thematically Appropriate Books to Read In October, In Order of How Easily Scared You Are.” Gay is sure to add spice to an already-zesty literary pastry.

From the International Business Times’ story on the announcement, via The Review Review:

In an interview with Capital New York, Gay said The Butter will focus on cultural criticism and personal essays that “make readers think and feel.”

In addition to being in total control of editorial content on the site, Gay will have an editorial budget to commission freelance work.

If all this is true, we can reasonably expect a product of some verisimilitude with Gay’s laundry list of prior achievements. In any event, this is auspicious news. Perhaps I will twit my congratulations to Mlle. Gay (@rgay). Indeed, I think I will do that very thing. My recent experience with computers has only confirmed a suspicion I’ve harbored for some time now: my efforts to snare the attention of the literary behemoths of New York may appear vain at first, but upon further reflection, their silence speaks volumes.

I can think of no better artiste to join the ranks of this new venture than yours truly. My CV includes the recent invention of a new branch of semiotic criticism called Chet-ism. How much different can femin-ism be? Further qualification: I “think and feel” all the time! Really, I am perfect for the job.


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