Stand Up For Sitting Down

I come bearing wonderful news. The fundraising drive of the fine Brooklyn literary journal Armchair/Shotgun has shattered the portcullis of success! As of this writing, the journal has raised $5,415, or 108% of its fundraising goal. The monies are intended to ensure an expansion of readership and the claiming of non-profit status (irony!); expensive pursuits, let there be no doubt. This is a resounding victory for art and artistes everywhere. But I say, why stop here? One and all, join me, and let’s bring the total to 109%. Donate to Armchair/Shotgun: The Next Five Years.

My regards to the editorial team of Laura McMillan, Adam Read-Brown, Evan Simko-Bednarski, and Chris Timmins (@ArmchairShotgun). They are truly dedicated humans. On the other hand, I am always looking for new ways to cultivate influence on the interwebs. The more of you donate to good causes, the more influence I receive, by association. With every dollar you give, I become stronger! Mwahahaha! 

I apologize. My id got the best of me. At any rate, my official position on this subject is as follows: though I disapprove of the unsupervised discharge of firearms, I wholeheartedly endorse the armchairs of Kings County, the divans, settees, love seats, and even their attendant ottomans. Join me, and let us stand up for sitting down.

NB – The fundraising drive is “closed”. But it’s never too late to shower me with praise, or the journal with money, promissory notes,IOU’s, etc.


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