I Emerge In Public

A Public Space is one of the glittering gems of the metropolitan – indeed, the nation’s – literary firmament. What a delight it was IMG_0724for me to prowl about the environs of its booth (in the 400’s, as I recall) at this year’s Brooklyn Book Fest (#BKBF FOREVA). My finely tuned senses perked up at the scent of talent. But, if I were to put words in the editors‘ mouths (and I shall), they would say there is always room for more.

Enter their Emerging Writers Fellowship. A Public Space (@APublicSpace) has put out a call for applications. Winners shall be escorted by the journal like debutantes along the proverbial spiraling balustrade to the floor of the proverbial ball hosted by Hugh Grant. They shall emerge, twinkling, like butterflies from cocoons. Here is a haiku I composed in honor of the fellowship:

Writer enters room.

Says to his fellows, “I’m here.”

Fellows reply, “Good.”

I recommend, dear reader, that you apply.


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