Read 2nd Place Winner in Monster Fiction Contest

To cut to the chase, see the winning entry below!

After much deliberation, I have chosen a second-place winner of the  2014 Inaugural Prose Positive Monster Fiction Contest. This contest is meant to educate our general readership on the vicissitudes of life as a legendary biped, mythological creature, beast from Revelations, platypus, etc etc.

This submission is, without a doubt, a challenge to “unpack,” but not unrewarding. Who said that literature could not incorporate illustrations or even modern Photoshop technology? Not I. Where is it written that flash fiction may not directly address its reader, by name? Nowhere.

This submission seized my attention and did not shy from a bold rhetorical spirit. Though short, its interrogation of modern internet marketing practices intrigued me. As the author declares:

…$$$$ thousands of dollars worth of Amazon coupons…

Indeed! The syntax is downright Warhol-ian! In fact, I am still not completely sure of its central message. At any rate… Behold the second place winner of the Prose Positive Monster Fiction Contest, from Anonymous!

hello chet

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