Brick City Speaks: September Reading

Hells Kitchen – 150 Lafayette St, Newark, NJ 07105

This creature is frequently humbled by his brushes with creative talent, but rarely do I encounter artistes of such candor, liveliness, and sagacity as the authors at last night’s Brick City Speaks (@BrickCitySpeaks) reading in Newark. What beautiful lines. What deliciously ironic sentiments! I was all prickly with delight (which would have caused me great embarrassment if I had not retired to my usual shadowy corner, out of sight, out of mind).

The audience was treated to sparkling poetry by the likes of Bryanna Lee, Caitlin Ferguson, and Ysabel Gonzalez, interspersed with the fiction of the inimitable Olvard L. Smith. Methinks we have not seen the last of this talented bunch.IMG_0699

One of the most unique elements of Brick City Speaks is its open mic section following the headlining readers. This evening listeners were dazzled by a surprisingly gifted series of writers, dramatists, and humans of feeling.

Humanity continues to impress me with its hairless diligence. Mental note – pass out copies of memoir to audience next month. <insert maniacal laugh here>


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