A Slice of Slice Magazine


“I write with an eye toward traveling, a sort of moral adventure, if you will.” – Colum McCann

It is named after a portion, only a constitutive part, but the thought-provoking arts journal Slice is a very important component of the literary landscape in Brooklyn. I consider it in the same breath as other laudable Gotham-based publications, such as Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Brooklyn Rail, and N+1. Issue 14 of Slice, released this summer, delivers a mouth-watering array of artistic expression ranging from poetry to fiction to nonfiction. Interviews abound with authors Owen King and Matthew Spektor, National Book Foundation favorite Fiona Maazel, Alissa Nutting and National Book Award-winner Colum McCann.

Writing this polished does feel morally uplifting, I must say. I particularly enjoyed Peter Kispert‘s “Aim For The Heart,” a story of a chronic lier confronting his past, and the wonderfully lyrical poem, “Footage of the Last American Cowboy,” by Melissa Barrett. A doff of the cap to Slice editors Elizabeth Blachman, Tom Haushalter, Ian Ruder, et al. Without your efforts, our arts world would not be so vibrant.

In your honor, I will eat a slice of bark pie this very evening.


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