Brick City Speaks: July 14

Hells Kitchen – 150 Lafayette St, Newark, NJ 07105


A flock of artists, each of whom deserved to be lauded in his or her own right, congregated last night at the July installment of Brick City Speaks (@BrickCitySpeaks). How edifying to see a community of writers support one another in such a visible way. I was simply gushing with appreciation myself; my table was soaking wet by the end of the night, although I believe that may have been beer.

NB – a doff of the cap to Miller High Life for their surprisingly prescient “Artist Series” of libations. The beer was served in an aluminum tumbler made to resemble gold leaf, thereby implicitly positing that artists are precious personages, glittering in the firmament of society, as it were, and only waiting to be recognized for their brilliance. If I might offer a humbler, but no less significant challenge to these venerable brew-meisters: why not release a “Monster Series” as a companion beverage? I hereby volunteer my own visage for all marketing purposes. Please contact @City_Sasquatch to settle the sponsorship fees. You may forward contract documents to my ghostwriter.

A further doff of the cap to our indefatigable readers, Anthony Cirilo, Safia Jama (read more of Ms. Jama at her blog, The Safia Jama Experience), Cassandra Krawitz, and Margie “Mia X” Johnson (also blogging and @lifeweimagine). An exuberant, electrifying experience for moi and the rest of the audience. All were rewarded with sparkling poetry of various styles and forms, and the hide-splitting #punniness of our celebrity hosts (and writers themselves), Mlles. Serena Lin (@SerenaWLin) and  Dinah Fay (@DinahFay).


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