2014 Monster Fiction Contest

My cousin The Bogeyman and I were chatting the other day and our conversation drifted to the younger generation. “Isn’t it sad,” Bogey said from under the bed, “that there are so many sharp young monsters out there with no self-confidence, no drive, no pzazz?” The troubling phenomenon he was referring to was, at bottom, an issue of a mismatch between one’s inner and outer beast – the image one sees before shattering the looking glass. The problem is monsters do not possess self-respect.

The little bigfoots of today are doing themselves a grievous injustice, simply by failing to believe in themselves. They doom themselves at early age with their poor self-esteem. Gadzooks, this is but an ephemeral fear! One that can be dispelled by rigorous introspection and just a little bit of hope.

My fellow monsters, I hereby challenge you. I propose a flash fiction writing contest. Its mission: to encourage better self-esteem and ambition amongst young monsters (let’s say under the age of 300) by promoting body positive messages. For instance, maybe you would sign your entry, “Sincerely, BigBeautifulFoot,” or “Bogeytastic!” Go wherever your generosity takes you.

The 2014 Inaugural Prose Positive Monster Fiction Contest Rules:

Entries must be under 200 words, and must further a vision of a world in which young monsters are equal members of society who have every right to believe in themselves and in their innate self-worth.

Second and Third place entries will receive a hearty handshake from yours truly. First place will earn publication online at Big City Sasquatch, plus a lifetime of inner confidence!

Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

Please email submissions with your name and contact information to chetsasquatch@humanoid.net

Good luck.


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