On Raymond Carver’s “Errand”

Strange story of Anton Chekhov’s last days, his precipitous physical decline followed by a vain attempt at rejuvenation at the Badenweiler spa and resort in Germany. We see Chekhov die of his illness in a hotel bed. This is witnessed only by the local doctor, a Dr. Schwohrer, and his wife Olga. Chekhov’s wife then calls for a hotel bellboy and sends the boy on an errand for a mortician, hence the title of the story. Apparently this is the last story Raymond Carver wrote before his death in 1988. Carver died of lung cancer and Chekhov of tuberculosis, a well-known respiratory illness.

Egads, how depressing!

In the spirit of the internet, here are cute animals!

pair of cats

It’s ok, you two. They’re just humans. Let’s chase some squirrels, shall we?



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