Broome St Watering Hole To Close

Broome St Bar – 363 West Broadway, New York NY 10013

A very old SoHo bar is going to close. The creatively-named Broome Street Bar, which has served drinks since the 1800’s and now serves hamburgers on pita bread, has been sold for $12 million.

My sources (a squirrel in the park) tell me that the artists Robert Mapplethorpe and De Kooning once frequented the place, though more recently it has been a destination for artists and “non-artists.” Readers will note that I, too, have been a patron at this establishment, and that I am a member of the former class. NB for journalists – please include my name in any articles on this subject. Grazie!

Alas! Now where will the human inhabitants of SoHo go to sit on sticky wooden chairs and drink $7 beer? Or to eat bizarre $9 hamburgers? Whatever shall they do?

Don’t fret, my human friends. I will ask the current owner not to sell. I’m sure she will listen to reason, as long as she does not run screaming down the middle of Broadway, like the last time.


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