KGB Bar – 85 E. 4th St.

At the inaugural installation of FREE WATER at KGB Bar, stumbled upon a cavalcade of thrilling artistes. Human-about-town Britt Melewski hosted a series of poets who reached out with their words and touched everyone in the audience, yours truly most of all. Is this what it feels like to be DAZZLED?IMG_0317

A possessor of awards, Marni Ludwig, read first, followed by a delightful call-and-response performance by poetic moonchild Dana Jaye Cadman of Selfies In Ink, otherwise known as @danajaye. Meteors fell from the sky! Brava!

Wry fellow and Awl editor Mark Bibbins asked questions which I am left pondering still. As a capstone, luminescent literary muse Brenda Shaughnessy offered a stellar assortment of poems that made my fur stand on end. Egads. Perhaps no one noticed.

The barkeep became a mite peevish with me when I drank all the water in his soda gun. Yet another faux pas. But the event is called FREE WATER, is it not? This did confuse me, I must admit. Where I come from, one may lap IMG_0318from the rivers and streams at one’s leisure. From time to time I have been known to take a draught of sea water to fortify myself. To wit:


Chet’s  Constitutional Elixir (To Be Imbibed When Struck Low By Dysentery):

2.4 gal cold sea water





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